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USMA West Point SCADA Project

CLP Engineering completed design, installation, and commissioning of a substation level SCADA system at West Point electrical distribution system. The SCADA system includes digital relays, radio-based secured communication network, automation controllers, firewalls, and SCADA servers. 

The SCADA system provides the user with all relevant system data from all substations inclusive of alarms, status, metering, and other relevant system data. The system uses a primary server and a backup server to run HMI & Historian software. System configuration, metering, monitoring, and alarms are visually presented on user-controlled large screens in the Master SCADA Control Room. Historical data are stored in a system historian to be used for long-term reporting and trending. The SCADA system is designed to be cyber-secure and compliant with NIST IR7628.


Project Overview

Location: USMA West Point, New York
Market Sector: Government
Services Type: Design Engineering, Testing and Commissioning
Timeline: 2019-2021
Client: U. S. Army


Design Features

  • Radio-based communication backbone
  • Industry standard protocols
  • Smart grid technologies
  • Cybersecurity


Construction Features

  • Line of sight Radio antennas in tall poles to avoid tree interference
  • Replacement/retrofit of substation relays
  • Addition of automation controller and switches
  • Communications wiring



  • Real-time status, monitoring, and metering
  • Advanced alarm and annunciator system
  • Centralized controls and automation
  • Historic data for planning, design, and operations
  • Microgrid ready

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