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  • Using Radios for SCADA, Protection and System Automation

    Last year at the Distributech conference, we had the privilege to present a presentation on "Using Radios for SCADA, Protection, and System Automation" in electrical distribution systems. The presentation focuses on the use of radios for SCADA, protection, and system automation in electrical distribution systems, particularly those on military installations across the country.

  • CLP Engineering Teams Up with Mountain View Electric Association for Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) Implementation with SCADA

    We are thrilled to announce that CLP Engineering is joining forces with Mountain View Electric Association (MVEA) to implement an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) along with a SCADA system. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions in the energy sector.

  • Empower Your Home in 2024: New Year, New Electrical Resolutions!

    As we embark on a fresh year, let's shine a spotlight on our home's electrical system. Here are 5 resolutions to power up your space in 2024:

  • CLP Engineering Joins NRECA as an Associate Member!

    We are thrilled to announce that CLP Engineering has recently become an Associate Member of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). This significant milestone marks a new chapter in our commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation within the electric cooperative community.

  • CLP Engineering in the Rockies

    CLP Engineering, LLC (CLPE) is a sister company of City Light & Power, Inc. (CLP). Since its inception in 1977, CLP has been providing utility solutions and services including ownership, operations, maintenance, upgrade, and construction of electrical utility systems across the country. In 2021, CLPE was formed out of CLP's engineering department to streamline engineering services to our customers. CLPE brings decades of power systems planning, design, operations, and maintenance experiences to provide first-class services to our customers in the Rockies.

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