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TAFB Phase 6 - 5kV to 15kV System Upgrade

Before CLP took ownership of the distribution system, Travis AFB had started upgrading their distribution system from legacy 5kV to 15kV underground grid. The upgrades were divided into seven (7) different phases. The government completed up to phase five and privatized the system to CLP. After taking ownership, CLP worked with the government to continue this planned upgrade and completed phase 6.

This project involved replacing a couple of miles of overhead 5kV lines with 15kV underground lines, replacement of several miles of 5kV underground cables, 5+ pad-mounted switches, and 10+ pad-mounted service transformers. The upgrade also included retrofitting substation switchgear, breakers, and relays to accommodate 5kV to 15kV change. The CLP Engineering team completed all the design, procurement support, coordination studies, relaying and controls, and final commissioning activities in-house. After this project, all the facilities that were in 5kV circuits gained greater redundancy and improved reliability.


Project Overview

Location: Travis AFB, California
Market Sector: Government
Services Type: Design Engineering
Timeline: 2014-2015
Client: U.S. Air Force


Design Features

  • Distribution system redesign
  • Improved capacity, reliability, redundancy, and safety
  • Advanced protection, controls, and automation
  • Smart grid technologies


Construction Features

  • Construction in environmentally sensitive area
  • Narrow trenching along road shoulders to avoid wetlands
  • Use of prefabricated manholes and pads
  • Dead-front cable terminations



  • Standardized, safer, and more reliable distribution system
  • Digital relaying and controls at the substation
  • Local HMI and critical alarms text messaging system

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