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Modeling and System Study

CLP Engineering collected all the distribution and substation component nameplate data in GIS database and built an electrical model using ETAP software. The ETAP model has more than 5000 buses and includes substations, overhead line, underground line, switches, relays, fuse, transformers, and loads.

CLP Engineering used the model to run base-line load-flow study, short circuit analysis, and protective device coordination study. The outcomes of the studies are utilized for future system upgrades and improvements. The coordinated protection schemes already provide improved reliability to the system. Currently, CLP Engineering maintains up to date as-built system model that can be used for on-going system planning, design, and operations support.


Project Overview

Location: Mid Western United States
Market Sector: Government
Services Type: Pre-Design & Planning
Timeline: 2020-2021
Client: U.S. Army


Key Features

  • Field condition assessment of electrical components
  • Detailed apparatus and line models
  • Load models
  • Various switching scenarios
  • Load-flow, short circuit, and arc flash study templates



  • Documented list of asset condition, nameplates, and attributes data
  • GIS database of all the electrical asset inventory
  • As-built model of the existing system
  • Baseline system study results

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