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Fort Campbell Substation Relay Replacement

The existing relays at Fort Campbell were aged and unreliable. After CLP took over the system under the UP contract, the CLP Engineering team conducted a thorough assessment of all the substation protective relays and determined they needed to be replaced to provide reliable operation and to communicate with the substation SCADA system through industry standard protocols. Additionally, a centralized reliable 125VDC battery system was installed in each substation to eliminate the small failing individual backup power supplies in each breaker.

CLP Engineering led the project with assistance from the CLP operations crews and replaced all relays at six (6) substations to the latest SEL digital relays. The relays are programmed and tested to operate as specified by the coordination study. Recloser functions are enabled and tested to operate for temporary faults on overhead lines. The new digital relays were also integrated into the SCADA system which CLPE also designed and commissioned. With this upgrade project, all the substations at Fort Campbell are more reliable and have smart automation and SCADA connectivity that reduces the duration of power outages and improves reliability of the system as well as providing alert notification and historian information.

Project Overview

Location: Fort Campbell, Tennessee 
Market Sector: Government
Services Type: Design Engineering, Testing and Commissioning
Timeline: (Design Engineering 2018-2019, Testing and Commissioning 2019-2020)
Client: U.S. Army

Design Features:

  • Digital relays
  • Local AC supply to centralized station DC supply
  • Breaker monitoring and metering
  • Advanced relay front panel operator controls

Construction Features: 

  • New DC power supply with battery chargers and battery bank
  • Retrofitted relay mounting panels and controls
  • New relay and control wiring system


  • Advanced digital relays with metering, monitoring, and communications
  • Enhanced protection and reclosing
  • Added operator control functions
  • SCADA connectivity
  • Smart grid


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