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HAFB Substation Metering Project

Hill AFB energy management team needed real-time metering data from utility incoming sources, substations, and feeders at their facility so that they can use the information to dispatch operators to shutdown chillers, HVAC, or other electrical loads at various buildings and reduce demand during peak loads. CLP utilized newly installed digital relays at the substations, added a secured radio communication network, and data concentration device to provide all the metering data to the energy team. This was a very cost-effective solution that benefitted both CLP and the energy team at the site. The communication network for this metering system is isolated and cybersecured.

With this project, the Hill AFB energy team can set certain parameters and proactively dispatch crew based on real-time and historic demand metering data and reduce demand charges from the local utility, saving tens of thousands in electric bills per year. In the meantime, the real-time metering system also provides CLP field operations with system status and loading in a HMI interface.


Project Overview

Location: Hill AFB, Utah
Market Sector: Government
Services Type: Energy Engineering
Timeline: 2019-2020
Client: U.S. Air Force


Design Features

  • Data concentration and parsing
  • Secured radio communications
  • Advanced communications protocols
  • Cybersecurity


Construction Features

  • Radios on poles
  • Communications and power supply wirings
  • Addition of smart devices



  • Improved energy management
  • Real time metering and monitoring
  • Long-term historic data logging

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