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CAAF Electrical System Upgrade

As part of the UP contract, CLP was also awarded a substation and distribution system upgrade project for Campbell Army Airfield (CAAF), a mission-critical campus that hosts special operation forces. The campus comprises 50+ buildings, a dedicated airfield, and several large hangars. The scope of work for the project included rebuilding an existing substation and upgrading 5+ miles of underground distribution system with smart technology for automated switching and monitoring.

CLPE provided all aspects of engineering services for the project including planning, design, specifications, procurement, construction support, protective relaying, programming, testing, and commissioning.

Project Overview

Location: Fort Campbell, Tennessee 
Market Sector: Government
Services Type: Pre-Design & Planning, Design Engineering, Testing and Commissioning
Timeline: (Pre-Design & Planning 2017 - 2018, Design Engineering 2018-2019, Testing and Commissioning 2019-2020)
Client: U.S. Army

Design Features:

  • Improved capacity, reliability, and safety
  • Advanced protection, controls, and automation
  • Fiber optic network
  • Substation redesign

Construction Features: 

  • Replacement of 3 single phase power transformers with one three-phase transformer
  • New and redesigned bus work construction
  • Underground duct bank and power lines under large runway


  • Improved capacity
  • Reliable smart grid
  • SCADA ready
  • Microgrid ready

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