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Automation Project

This site hosts a missile storage area (MSA) where the facilities need a highly reliable power supply. Previously, each facility in the area received power from a dedicated overhead transformer. These transformers and the overhead lines were susceptible to frequent faults.

As part of this project, CLPE designed and implemented a unique solution where any single fault in the medium voltage distribution would not cause an outage to any of the facilities. The solution included reclosers to sectionalize where each section of the circuit fed to one service transformer. A set of four facilities are then fed from two transformers and a low voltage automatic transfer switch (ATS) to provide complete redundancy.

Project Overview

Location: Western United States
Market Sector: Government
Services Type: Pre-Design & Planning, Design Engineering, Testing and Commissioning
Timeline: (Pre-Design & Planning 2015-2016, Design Engineering 2016-2017, Testing and Commissioning 2017)
Client: U.S. Air Force

Design Features:

  • Reliable and redundant system
  • Distribution automation
  • Secured radio communications
  • Sectionalizing and reclosing
  • Remote monitoring

Construction Features: 

  • Unique power distribution platforms with dual transformers and ATS
  • Hardened overhead MV power lines
  • All underground LV service lines
  • Radio on recloser poles


  • Improved resilience
  • True N-1 contingency
  • SCADA ready
  • Microgrid ready
  • Real-time monitoring


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