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City of Glenwood Springs Five Year Plan

CLP Engineering built a comprehensive distribution model of the entire City distribution infrastructure.  The system data was provided to CLP Engineering by the City of Glenwood Springs in a GIS format. The ETAP model has approximately 5000 buses and includes substations, overhead lines, underground lines, switches, relays, fuses, transformers, and loads.

CLP Engineering used the model to run base-line load-flow studies and identify system capacity issues, vulnerabilities, and other concerns based on future anticipated loads. Using the outcome of the analysis, CLPE provided near term five-year construction work plans as well as future work plans for the next 10+ years for the City to consider.


Project Overview

Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Market Sector: Municipal
Services Type: Pre-Design & Planning
Timeline: 2022
Client: City of Glenwood Springs



Key Features

  • Detailed apparatus and line models
  • Load models
  • Various switching scenarios
  • Load-flow study templates



  • Updated GIS database
  • As-built model of the existing system
  • Current and future load-flow study results
  • 5-year system improvement plan

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