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Cogen (CHP) Intertie Project

A 7.2MW combined heat and power (CHP) plant was installed to supplement the site's steam requirements. Electric interconnection to this plant required a major upgrade to the existing electrical system. CLPE was tasked to design and construct the interconnection system. The scope included construction and commissioning of 5-breaker, loop configured (breaker and half) metal enclosed switchgear that would accommodate the CHP plant and three (3) 35kV transmission feeders interconnections.

The interconnection system provided robust alternative paths for CHP plant power flow and integrated advanced technologies to ensure anti-islanding and safe operations of the plant. The switching station acts as a main hub for 35kV transmission power flow and provides redundancies and resilience to the entire distribution system. CLP Engineering performed all design, engineering, procurement support, field testing, and commissioning in-house.


Project Overview

Location: North Eastern United States
Market Sector: Government
Services Type: Design Engineering, Testing and Commissioning, Energy Engineering
Timeline: 2016-2018
Client: U. S. Army 

Design Features

  • Cogen anti-islanding scheme
  • Cogen utility back feed prevention scheme
  • Unique ring bus design in metal-enclosed switchgear
  • Breaker and half scheme allowing 5 circuit termination with only 5 breakers
  • Sallow underground duct/cables
  • Advanced relay and control


Construction Features

  • Environmentally sensitive location
  • Small footprint and limit of disturbance
  • Sallow underground cable route using prefab trench way



  • Safe and reliable interconnection
  • Metering and monitoring of Cogen plant outputs
  • Advanced control and automation
  • Resilience and microgrid ready

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