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TAFB 121kV Circuit Breaker Replacement

Substation A had two (2) Siemens SF6 circuit breakers that were leaking SF6 gas. After field maintenance and testing, the Siemens technician recommended overhauling the SF6 circuit breakers to fix the gas leaks and other issues. Since the breakers were 20+ years old, instead of overhauling them CLP decided to perform early renewal and replacement (R&R).


CLP Engineering developed specifications, supported the procurement process, and developed field upgrade design for the project. Once the breakers arrived on-site the CLP crew installed them on the existing concrete pads where the previous breakers were mounted. CLP Engineering performed all the field control wiring, testing, and final commissioning of the breakers. CLP Engineering and field crew worked together and put the new breakers in service and restored all the relaying and protections in place as previously configured. 


Project Overview

Location: Travis Air Force Base, California
Market Sector: Government
Services Type: Design Engineering, Testing and Commissioning
Timeline: ( Design Engineering 2016-2017, Testing and Commissioning 2017)
Client: U. S. Air Force


Design Features:

  • Retrofit design
  • High-voltage apparatus specifications
  • Relaying and controls transfer


Construction Features: 

  • Construction in tight substation space
  • Mounting on existing pads
  • Rework to connect existing control conduits



  • New maintenance free circuit breakers
  • Improved reliability
  • Environmentally compliant

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