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Energy Engineering

Energy Audits

Site walk-down and assess commercial and industrial facility’s energy usage, consumption, user behavior, load profile, apparatus efficiencies, and identify energy conservation opportunities that help reduce energy bill, carbon footprint, and unnecessary waste of energy.

Lighting Improvements

Plan, design, and implement lighting conversion from traditional light fixtures to highly efficient LED lights.

Distributed Energy Resources

Plan, model, design, specify, and implement distributed energy resources to include renewable energy, conventional diesel gensets, natural gas-fired reciprocating engine generators, and turbine engine generators.

Battery Storage Design

Model, size and specify battery storage and supporting systems for specific applications, develop site plans, construction drawings, relays and controls, and communications architecture for battery control systems that can integrate with on-site generation systems and microgrids.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure

Plan and design fleet and consumer EV support infrastructure including level 2 and DC fast charging systems, specifications and procurement support for EV chargers and supporting infrastructure, testing and commissioning of EV chargers.

Microgrid Systems Planning and Design

Plan and design microgrid switching and isolation schemes, conduct system impact studies and develop alternative relaying and control schemes during microgrid operations, design and implement utility interface relay and controls, integrate on-site generation resources into microgrid control systems via secured and redundant communications network, program, test and commission field microgrid controls and grid automation systems.

Boilers, Chillers, and HVAC Improvements

Assess existing heating and cooling systems and identify age, condition, efficiency, usage, and other factors that help justify energy savings, use energy modeling tools to calculate potential savings, develop financial models to demonstrate replacement costs and payback periods, and design and implement financially viable upgrade projects.

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