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Fort Campbell Metering Project

Since CLP took ownership of the Fort Campbell electrical distribution system in 2018, CLPE has designed, specified, and implemented advanced meters at approximately 240 facilities. Majority of the advanced meters are replacements to previous manually read meters. The new meters are equipped with a secured communications interface utilizing cellular network; these meters communicate demand, energy, and power quality data automatically to CLP’s advanced meter reading (AMR) platform located in the Fort Campbell office. CLPE maintains the AMR system and provides data to the Government for various uses such as billable customer invoicing, energy projects planning, and other energy management activities.


Project Overview

Location: Fort Campbell, Tennessee
Market Sector: Government
Services Type: Energy Engineering
Timeline: 2018-2019
Client: U.S. Army


Key Design Features

  • Demand, energy, and power quality metering
  • Cybersecured communications
  • Economical
  • Scalable


Key Construction Features

  • Form 2S, 4S, 9S, and 16S meters
  • Metering panel and socket retrofit
  • CTs at transformer secondary



  • Centralized and automated data collection
  • User-friendly AMR interface
  • High-resolution and accurate data collections
  • Advanced metering data to support energy management

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