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Electrical System Master Planning

As part of the project CLP Engineering built a model of the distribution system and analyzed overall system conditions, distribution network configurations, growth projections, and future need assessments. The model was used to run load-flow study, short circuit study, protective device coordination study, and arc flash hazards assessment.

Using condition assessments, planned load growth, future needs, and outcomes of the system studies, CLPE developed a master plan for the distribution system. The master plan describes a high-level system overview, outlines known deficiencies, reviews historic load profiles, summarizes future load growth, analyzes potential on-site generation options, and conceptualizes future microgrids. Proposed improvements are presented in an incremental fashion that provides a roadmap for addressing existing deficiencies, improving infrastructure, and integrating advanced technologies such as microgrids.


Project Overview

Location: North Western United States
Market Sector: Government
Services Type: Pre-Design & Planning
Timeline: 2018-2019
Client: U. S. Army


Key Features

  • Capacity increase
  • Looped and sectionalized distribution network
  • Smart switching and controls
  • Distribution automation
  • Technology integration



  • Roadmap for future
  • Building block approach to microgrid
  • Specific project lists to address existing deficiencies

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