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Operations & Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance Planning and Support

Develop maintenance policies and procedures, create/update maintenance manuals, create inspections and testing checklists for electrical systems and components, conduct detailed field inspections, supervise NETA testing, analyze field inspections and test results in accordance with industry standards, provide assessment reports and recommended course of actions.

Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis

Gather sequence event logs, operator activity logs, protective relay event reports, metering data, and system configuration details to analyze short circuit fault events or equipment failure events, identify detailed root cause(s) for the event based on the collected data and logical engineering analysis process, recommend further investigation steps, mitigations, and other improvements to prevent similar events in the future.

Asset Management and Data Analytics

Develop/update asset naming conventions and data dictionaries, create/update asset management policies and procedures, create geographical information system (GIS) based asset database and applications to facilitate asset inventories, inspections, and maintenance records, create automated field data collections, and develop data infographics and analytic tools to support data-driven operations, maintenance, capital investment decisions.

Reliability Data Analysis

Develop and manage outage reporting forms and database, organize outage data, calculate various industry indices such as SAIDI, SAIFI, and CAIDI, analyze outage events to see recurrence trends, predominant causes and impacts, and recommend mitigations and system improvement concepts that prevent recurring events.

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