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APG Electrical Distribution System Infrastructure Upgrade

Project scope included upgrading approximately 80% of the APG electrical distribution infrastructure. The main objectives of the project were to address existing deficiencies related to capacity, redundancy, reliability, safety, and efficiency and make the system more resilient with the ability to accommodate future system modifications or additional loads. The project removed all 5kV distribution components and approximately 26 small substations and created seven (7) major substations, two (2) 35kV switching stations and modified and upgraded the 35kV and 15kV distribution network with added capacity and redundancy. 

Advanced digital relaying, automatic reclosers, dedicated fiber network, distribution automation, and SCADA system were implemented to reduce outage durations and improve reliability and resiliency of the system. CLP Engineering designed and engineered the entire system including preliminary planning, studies, construction design, procurement support, construction support, relaying, controls, automation, and SCADA systems. CLP Engineering conducted all field commissioning and testing activities for the project.

Project Overview

Location: Aberdeen Proving Ground, Harford County, Maryland
Market Sector: Government
Services Type: Pre-Design & Planning, Design Engineering, Testing & Commissioning
Timeline: (Pre-Design & Planning 2012 - 2016, Design Engineering 2016-2020, Testing & Commissioning 2019-2022)
Client: U.S. Army

Design Features:

  • Smart grid technologies
  • Improved capacity, reliability, redundancy, and safety
  • Advanced protection, controls, and automation
  • Fiber optic network

Construction Features: 

  • Hybrid (overhead and underground) construction
  • Hardened power lines
  • Underground /pad-mounted substations
  • Avian protection


  • N-1 redundancy
  • Standardized, safer, and more reliable smart grid
  • Advanced SCADA and distribution automation
  • Microgrid ready
  • Fault Location Isolation and System Restoration System (FLISR)


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