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Dave Ettema, EIT
Engineering Supervisor
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Phone : 720.305.0400
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Mr. Ettema has worked in the Utility Power Systems Industry since 2009. He has developed complex electrical models and performed systems reliability, short-circuit analysis, arc-flash analysis, load-flow analysis, relay coordination and contingency analysis studies at power plants and various Military Installations rated from 12.47kV to 138kV levels. He also has experience with distributed alternative power generation design, installation, analysis, troubleshooting and operations and maintenance. As an Electrical Engineer and Engineering Supervisor at CLP Engineering, Mr. Ettema has developed numerous electrical models for complex distribution systems, performed various system studies, upgraded substation relays and controls, and implemented smart grid systems including SCADA, distribution automation, and advanced metering systems utilizing secured fiber and radio TCP/IP networks. He also oversees the engineering support for all CLP operations in the western United States including system planning, design, field commissioning, operations and maintenance support, system reliability, maintenance support.

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